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New Construction

Custom Homes, ADU's, Garages, etc.

The Folding Oaks process engages in a thoughtful and holistic approach to design exploration leading to creative, unique solutions. The result is a set of construction documents that you can hand off to your contractor.

01 Pre-Design:  In this phase, we review your wish list, project goals, inspirational photos, and site conditions.

02 Design: I develop sketches from the collected data and provide 2 design options to review.  You'll get to see a model of the chosen design. Upon selection of a design option, we'll move forward with construction documents. 

03 Construction Documents: Drawings are further developed to serve as a guide for the construction team.  

04 Pricing: Contractor selection.

05 Construction: Once permits are obtained, the construction phase begins. I'll visit the site periodically to check the progress of construction with the design intent.

Remodeling & Additions

Kitchens and baths to full-remodels.

Generally, remodels and additions follow the same process as previously described except that there is an additional step: documenting existing conditions, or "as-built drawings". 

Remodels are puzzles with lots of "Can I do XYZ" questions.  With BIM, we are quickly able to visualize the changes between what to keep, what to demo, and new construction.  Check out the 30 sec  video!

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