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Dream Kitchen Remodel

In Construction

Wonderful clients knew their kitchen could be better and wanted to see how they could achieve functional and aesthetic goals. A pier and beam foundation allowed for plumbing to be easily moved giving freedom to explore design possibilities.  

Guest House Remodel

In Construction Documents

A great client had an existing guest house on his property that offered excellent views and a covered back porch. He provided me with a list of desirables that included a bathroom for each bedroom and a kitchen for gathering.

Waterfront Residence

In Construction Documents

“Hi Gerry, I have a whole notebook ready for you.”  This client had a vision, and inspirational photos, but needed a plan to tie it all together. This custom home started with sketching on site, overlooking a large pond.

The design can be thought of as two cabins, one with wood cladding and the other with limestone, connected with a glass entryway.

White Oak Residence

In Design

This home started with a sketch to reimagine the farmhouse utilizing deep porches, lots of windows, a cozy kitchen, and other iconic elements of the farmhouse style. It is 2,230 heated square feet with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 850 square feet of outdoor living area. The White Oak residence is available to modify and purchase exclusively for one property. If you are interested in customizing this home please contact me.

Email me for a sample drawing set.

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